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Have you ever worked with an ideas person? You know, the kind that would double the length of meetings if only to go on and on about their multitude of musings? * This blog is for those musings of mine. * I'd love to say it has a focus, however, it is not written for a purposeful topic, but for a purpose in itself: sharing. * Follow along if you would like to capitalize on my shared 2 cents, which may be invested in: * - relationship advice - health & wellness - graphic design (free images) - sustainability - career development - creative indulgence * * Sharing is good. * That is all.


Follow the real me: why authenticity is critical for leaders

Incorporating authenticity into leadership is the only option. Here’s why: Our society has progressed from trusting our governments and corporations, to forwardly doubting their intentions on the outset. It is easy to understand why if you examine the last 100 years of history, and account for the emergence of the information age. Governments aim for control → people are imperfect and lie, cheat, steal and … Continue reading Follow the real me: why authenticity is critical for leaders

The “Afterlife”

As a parent, I feel it is important to give my son hope for the future. It creates an opening for him to see value in growing and flourishing and contributing something positive. If we are damned, what's the point? This is not always easy. Especially as life, well, ends in death. But what about … Continue reading The “Afterlife”

Solving the enigma of the decline in the use of my favourite holiday word: su·per·flu·ous

According to the Google results for defining the word "superfluous," which means "surplus (to requirements), nonessential, redundant, unneeded, excess, extra," the use of this word has been in decline steadily since the 1800s. Superfluous has become one of my very favourite words. Manly because it is kind of challenging and fun to say (it ties … Continue reading Solving the enigma of the decline in the use of my favourite holiday word: su·per·flu·ous

Democratic muscle: keep it in shape with the BCSEA speaker series on Federal election climate policy issues

BC Sustainable Energy Association

Now, with the municipal election excitement done, let's keep that democratic muscle in shape: get informed on Federal election platform issues. The BC Sustainable Energy Association speaker series is a fantastic way to get up to speed on policy issues related to climate change. Monday, November 17 at 7pm in downtown Victoria: In this presentation, Andrew Pape-Salmon, professional engineer and senior energy specialist with RDH Building Engineering Ltd., will highlight examples of super-efficient new building construction and "deep energy retrofits" in the Pacific Northwest region. He will also profile government policy best practices in the region, setting examples that could be enhanced through federal government policy.

#Hack4good final results!

Wow. This is overdue. But you know what? I'm not going to beat myself up over it... the final results of the Geeklist #Hack4good hackathon against climate change were plenty available if you really cared to look it up... Actually, they were posted on this blog article and for some reason, it was kind of … Continue reading #Hack4good final results!

Ouch! Energy Industry Talk Secretly Taped – NYTimes.com

Would you like to understand how those in support of a healthy and prosperous future with a stable climate communicate about climate change and related issues? What motivates them and what they hope for you? You can find it all here: http://www.climateaccess.org Would you like to know how fossil fuel companies are f*cking with your … Continue reading Ouch! Energy Industry Talk Secretly Taped – NYTimes.com

Halloween fun: SpongeBob Squarepants jack-o-lantern

I've recently discovered the joy of SpongeBob Squarepants with my 9 year old son. This show is ridiculous and a total escape from reality... With just enough parallel to real adult life to make it totally worthwhile. I'm not a fan of the scary side of Halloween. So paying some tribute to that smiley and … Continue reading Halloween fun: SpongeBob Squarepants jack-o-lantern